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Melanie and Monique -Add.SomeFlavour Authors

Hi everyone and Welcome to SomeFlavour!

We are Melanie and Monique; and we are bloggers from Johannesburg, South Africa. We have a serious case of munchies for good food.

We are a mother and daughter who have an insane love of Food. We love cooking our own Food but we also love dining out. We also have a Hungry Bjorn who enjoys taking photos for us on some occasions. ( Check him out on instagram)

We also love to travel! (That is us in Paris) So far our favourite places are Prague , Budapest and Vietnam!!!!

We love hearing about new products, so please feel free to drop us a press release.

We are into food and lifestyle – so if you’d like us to write about anything related, drop us a mail and we can chat. We have a rate card handy, but are also open to discussing a trade exchange.

We are always keen to review venues or restaurants.

Please contact us on one of the Following Emails: