Dec 2018 Wishlist

Wow… it’s been a whole year without a Blogpost. Oops. I have been active on Instagram and sharing recipes there. Hopefully Next year I can move all those recipes onto the Blog and posting some new Recipes.

I decide to get back into Blogging, with a simple yet useful post. A Foodie Christmas Wishlist.

So lets get into it:


  1. Gift for Cocktail Lover
    I love refreshing cocktails. Ofcourse everyone I know has recommended Gin… yuck. I am not a fan so please don’t offer me a G&T. But I have always loved rum and when I discovered Spytail Ginger Rum, I was in Love.


  2. Gift for the Experimental Foodie
    We all have a friend who tries those Swedish, Russian , South American Recipe that you would never have thought to look up. Why not buy them tools to help in their adventures? I would suggest a Rosette tool, maybe you will get some treats from them.
  3. The Plant-based Foodie
    Plant based is becoming more popular. So there is no more buying Biltong as your Secret Santa gift. Instead maybe try some delicious vegan treats that everyone can love.
  4. The Smoothie Lover
    This is the gift for that friend who makes fresh smoothies everyday but are going through their 3rd blender. The Omniblend is hardy and a beast at making smoothies, soups, sauces and even bulletproof coffees.

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