Chicken Mince Cakes

I am always looking for things to take to work. Something easy to eat and small.These Chicken Mince cakes are great for dinners, picnics and party snacks. They are easy to make and quick to cook.

Chicken Mince Cakes Ingredients

500 grams Chicken mince
100 grams finely chopped mushrooms
1 egg
1 Handful of coriander, finely chopped ( you can use more of less)
4 spring onions, chopped
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper
1 Tbls feta
1 tsp garlic
3 Tbls lemon juice

Spray and cook


    1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees C
    2. Spray a muffin tray with Cook and Spray. ( you can also use butter, but cook and Spray saves time)
    3. In your mixing bowl, mix Chicken Mince, mushrooms, egg, corriander, spring onions.
Chicken Mince Cakes
The ingredients pre-mix
  1. Add the other ingredients and mix again.
  2. Fill each muffin cup with the mix
  3. Bake for 20-40 minutes depending on your oven (I put mine in for 30 minutes)


Oopsie! Seems like the picture we took of the final product got corrupted by Mischievous little computer gremlins. But don’t fret, we will make some more and take lots of Photos. 

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